As the hundreds of memes have referenced to lockdown may be a period that we’re more prone to putting on fat. While high-stress situations aren’t the best for making progress, there are simple steps we can take to limit the damage. 

Not only can we restrict the effect on our waistline, but it will also make us feel a whole lot better. Eating highly nutritious food is linked to better brain function resulting in higher energy, productivity and mood!

Life is short, and we’re all for enjoying it. A general rule that we recommend is an 80/20 split between nutrient-packed foods and junk. Below are some tips on adhering to this 

1. Plan your meals 

Plan what you’re going to have for, at least, your three main meals each day. Planning your food will mean you won’t be waiting until you’re hungry to figure out what to eat, it will also make your supermarket shops a lot easier. Having a general idea of some good snack options, and keeping those in stock is helpful as well. 

2. Remind yourself: Food is fuel 

If you’re finding that you feel sluggish and lethargic, what you’re eating will contribute to this. When planning or deciding what to eat, ask yourself if it’s going to add to your problem or help solve it. 

3. Track or journal your food 

Writing down, or plugging in, what we’re eating is enough to influence change in your behaviours. When you’ve got to write in that you’ve had a family bag of chips, you’ll think twice about having the entire bag. If you’ve not used apps for tracking your food before we’d recommend just starting with a notebook. 

4. Plan your treats! 

As we said before, we recommend that you still indulge in some junk. Planning this in helps us from pushing over that 20% guideline. Have a treat at afternoon tea when you’re starting to lose focus or save it for your Friday/Saturday night. 

5. Pause 

How often do you find yourself standing at the fridge or the pantry when you’re not hungry? Boredom contributes significantly to overeating. Pause for a moment and ask yourself if you’re hungry. If you want to nibble to keep your hands busy, go for a low-calorie snack – carrot sticks, grapes etc. 

The last thing you want to do is to add more pressure to yourself while you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Find small and manageable ways to help you feel better and prevent too much fat gain. 

If you’d like to take your nutrition more seriously, you can gain access to our guideline and example meal plan below