Group Training

  • Access to different training styles/options so your training stays fun  and interesting! 
  • Encouraging and supportive environment – great for those returning to training or who need extra motivation
  • Knowledgeable trainers and progressed training programs – learn how to do things properly and continue to improve



Booking essential –

Sweat –  45 mins of aerobic and anaerobic training designed to get your heart rate up and lungs working hard

Strength – 45 mins of strength training including barbell and dumbbell and bodyweight movements

Strongman – 60 mins of Strongman specific training – learning movements and developing strength

Team – 45 mins of aerobic and anaerobic training completed in groups for added fun

Ladies Only –  45 mins training session for women only – involves both strength and anaerobic conditioning

I’m a busy professional. I have a membership at another gym, but find that I go to Unbreakable group classes more than when I train myself (0 times a week)! The trainers are great at listening to your training needs and suggestions, and modify the classes to fit. Best gym, hands down!

Group Training Coaches

James is Unbreakable Trainings Strength and Conditioning coach

He programs all of the Sweat/Strength/Team training as well as takes the sessions

Ciara, the owner of Unbreakable Training, programs and take the Strongman training sessions and “ladies only” training

Lia is the newest addition to our group training crew and takes our sweat sessions!