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The fun of training with others with the support of having a trainer at every session 

Our group training membership includes 24 hour access to the gym, an introductory session with a trainer and basic program if you want the option of training solo and access to all of our group training sessions. As with all of our memberships, it comes with a comprehensive consultation where we talk about the importance of setting holistic and realistic goals, as to get the best from our training for both our physical and mental well-being!

There are a number of different group training options to cater to different goals and keep things interested, sessions have a maximum of 12 attendants so there is plenty of time with a trainer and lots of opportunities for them to correct technique and push you harder.

All group training is planned by our on site strength and conditioning coach to make sure that the sessions are progressed weekly and working toward specific results, all sessions can be scaled for the needs and level of the individual.

Group Training Membership

$39.50 per week

  • 24 hour access
  • Basic Program
  • ALL group training sessions

I just love the group training! It feels great to just get into the gym and get my training done without having to worry about motivating myself or figure out what I should be doing. I also love getting to train with the other people because it really gives you the extra push to work harder.

I’ve gotten so much fitter and stronger than when I started and it’s also had amazing effects on my life outside of the gym in that I’m making better choices. The sessions are always varied so it never gets boring and I walk away feeling like I’ve worked hard every time.

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Sweat –  45 mins of aerobic and anaerobic training designed to get your heart rate up and lungs working hard

Strength – 45 mins of strength training including barbell and dumbbell and bodyweight movements

Stretch – 45 mins of dynamic and static stretching for improving joint mobility and muscle flexibility

Functional Strength – 45-60min of strength training using non-traditional equipment and movements that are more applicable to a day to day life

Team – 45 mins of aerobic and anaerobic training completed in groups for added fun

Ladies Only –  45 mins training session for women only – involves both strength and anaerobic conditioning

I’m a busy professional. I have a membership at another gym, but find that I go to Unbreakable group classes more than when I train myself (0 times a week)! The trainers are great at listening to your training needs and suggestions, and modify the classes to fit. Best gym, hands down!

concession options

  • Non-member casual session: $15
  • Member casuals session: $10
  • Non-member concession card (10 classes): $120
  • Member concession card (10 classes): $80


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