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With our programming membership you get everything you would with our standard membership with the added benefit of ongoing programming and higher level of accountability 

This means you still have 24 hour gym access, inclusion in our member Facebook group, social events and a comprehensive consultation.

With this membership you are set up with a specific and detailed program that has clear, defined goals and an end date where your progress is tested, the programs are completely customised to what you want to work on and we have strength and conditioning coach on site to work with athletes training for specific sports. With all of our memberships we emphasise the importance of setting realistic and holistic goals in order to best serve you physical and mental well-being.

Once a fortnight a trainer will check in to make sure that you’re on track and every 6 weeks you will receive and new and progressed program to ensure you keep seeing progress. The trainer is on hand if you ever need adjustments to your program as you go or if you have questions about a specific exercise.

This membership is great if you’re confident with what you’re doing in the gym and just need some direction.

Programming Membership

$24.50 per week

  • 24 hour access
  • Ongoing programming
  • Increased accountability

The staff are lovely, there’s loads of floor space and enough equipment for everyone even when it’s busy. It’s a mission to find a gym that is happy to fit in olympic lifters in Chch not just in a dark corner somewhere but actually on the floor and UTC nails it! Love training here, there is a super friendly and non-cliquey community, pretty rare to see powerlifters/olympic lifters/crossfitters/general fitnessers all training together outside of this place

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