Warm greetings team! As you know from last week, James and I are releasing weekly short articles with a wide range of topics so that we can fuel your brains for a lifetime as well as your bodies inside the gym. If you’re a non-member to Unbreakable surfing our website and have stumbled on to our blog site, welcome! Our goals are to challenge you physically as well as mentally and to support you 100% of the way. As stated last week we’ll be covering various areas that we feel are appropriate and commonly thought about and talked about in this current fitness era.

 Today we’re focusing on… YOU GUESSED IT, breakfast! (Was the title a dead giveaway? I think not!). We are aiming to break down the myths around this first meal of the day and offer you some insight and advice based on modern research as well as personal experience. There are always arguments and opinions revolving around this meal such as its aid in weight gain/weight loss, energy physically as well as internally and the most common one being ‘is it really AS important as people say?

It’s no secret that many of us who begin our working days early in the mornings tend to skip this meal and wait for lunchtime or we eat/drink something really small that doesn’t really make a difference to our energy levels (I’m looking at you coffee drinkers!) and tackling those morning blues. So is breakfast as important as nutritionists, doctors and those working in the fitness industry claim it to be?

A lot of research has shown that the consumption of breakfast can lead to an average lower BMI. Which has led to the representation that breakfast must be consumed to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Exploring the idea of breakfast and its nutritional value, in 2013 an article was published in Australia, which looked into the eating habits of their residents. They found that within socioeconomic deprived women, many would not eat breakfast; they also found that their overall health and overall nutritional knowledge was greatly reduced.

This highlights an important idea about breakfast –it is another opportunity to fuel your body. It’s important to note that this research does not suggest that these women were unnourished due to skipping breakfast but because they lacked the overall nutritional content within their daily diet to support their bodies. So ladies in particular in this instance, we need to change our mindset around the consumption of breakfast, I know from experience I have convinced myself that eating less and skipping out on breakfast will help me lose weight faster, however I really didn’t see those results and I also couldn’t focus when I was trying to study or even have a normal conversations with others. I felt tired and unfocused. Does this sound familiar? This even applies to men! We need to see and understand that the consumption of breakfast is another opportunity to fuel our bodies for the sake of our overall nutritional value and bodies.

I am also guilty of being under the impression that breakfast isn’t as important as general society and kids television advertisements trying to sell you corn flakes makes it out to be. I really believed that skipping this meal would help me achieve this body type that magazines were telling me I had to have to be ‘pretty’. I laugh now but I understand that some of us still have queries around this myth so touching on breakfast and its relationship with weight research also looked into whether or not high calorie intake at different parts of the day may influence a weight loss strategy, they also found that consuming more calories during the morning rather than the evening led to a greater decrease in overall weight loss. However, a large cross-sectional study in British medical journal suggest against the addition of breakfast in a weight management strategy.   

It’s pretty clear to see that the evidence and research is all pretty contradictory. Our advice for you lot is whether skipping breakfast is good or bad for weight loss we want to encourage you to focus on the basics. If you’re trying to lose weight, then your overall daily calorific intake will be at a certain amount based on your personal details and time goals so remember that food is what fuels us and over the course of your days you are allowed a certain amount of calories per day. Spread them out throughout your daily routine, depending on whether you’re a breakfast person or not and apply your personal daily routine to your food intake. For example if you work out in the morning you’re going to need more food around that time to ensure you get the best out of your exercise through your energy levels. Metabolisms tend to slow down throughout the day as well, so personally, if you’re trying to lose weight I would pile the calories on in the morning during breakfast time anyway due to the fact you’ll burn through most of your energy when the sun is shining.

The same applies for your muscle gain. Eating enough protein in your daily intake is the essential key to muscle gain. Research has shown that the intake of breakfast can lead to an increase in energy expenditure of the individual and to be honest this may play a huge role in the success of a weight management intervention. Again, we go back to the idea of breakfast providing an opportunity to fuel our body, which inevitably will provide our body with the fuel to perform and move during exercise. This may have a nick on effect with the individual enjoying their training more and overall sticking to their regime. Athletes may also want to take note of this, eating breakfast 3 hours before a training session led to a 9% increase in their overall exercise capacity. Therefore, showing the importance of breakfast within many athletes.

At the end of the day what James and I would really like to push is your overall mentality around breakfast. Try to see it as another opportunity to fuel your bodies. Food will always be important especially with regular exercise. You know this already team, but we really want to indent this into your minds. It sounds easier than done and our subconscious always works for us and we have to do our best to be as aware and present as possible. Fuel your bodies and try your best to eat breakfast! Go eat some eggs Benedict, a stack of pancakes and top it off with a nice beverage. Breakfast is personally (Lia) my favourite meal of the day! There are so many delicious options out there and I’m making myself hungry just typing about it. Leave a comment or question if you like team and we’ll catch you next week as we explore a segment of another topic. We are always here for you!