Here at Unbreakable we are lucky to have a team of awesome people as well as fantastic members. James and I are always thankful for the opportunities to be a part of so many peoples journeys here at the gym. At this present moment James is studying a Bachelor of Sport Coaching and a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury, he hopes to make a huge difference in the sports industry connecting the physical and psychological fields together. James also has a huge passion for men’s mental wellbeing especially amongst athletes. I on the other hand am passionate about females doing well in the fitness industry and eliminating their fears when it comes to working out. I love to see a strong woman who illuminates strength both internally and physically. I have just come back from travelling and am new to the scene of Unbreakable, however I’m loving it so far and what the gym stands for.

The values that Unbreakable have separates our gym from any other. We are very community focused, holistic and family orientated. We believe in inclusiveness and see diversity as our strength. We look to make individuals stronger for longer, not just physically but also mentally. James and I have a goal as we invite you all to join us on our weekly initiative of consistent articles to not only educate but also provide you with some necessary tools and fundamentals that you can keep in your minds permanently. We will be touching on strength and conditioning, nutrition and general wellbeing as well as many other topics as the weeks unfold. Now and then we’ll also be dropping articles that will tell you a little bit about the events that we hold here at Unbreakable as well as our group trainings.

We’re a fairly new gym with a group of diverse members ranging from athletes competing on the world stage to mothers with young bubbas, as well as athletes from a range of local and specialised sports. We are always looking to improve our services and help you all achieve your specific goals. We’ve just celebrated our FIRST birthday and are looking forward to many more.

Our values as individuals also flow throughout the pillars that support this very gym. We look to provide an environment which supports any individual to help reach their goal. Any challenge we face in a holistic manner which helps with the longterm success of the individual as well as educating them on the journey that they are undertaking. Furthermore, creating a true and deep passion for movement and helping to challenge the misconceptions that face the fitness industry.

We hope that each week you’ll be as excited to read our weekly articles as we are when it comes to making them. As stated above we’ll be touching on the ideas revolving around Strength and Conditioning and the break downs of what this style of physicality actually means as well as nutrition and general well being plus many more. We’d love to hear your feedback in future or if you have any questions or comments. James and I are super excited to watch our vision unfold for you. For now, keep training hard and maintain that motivation as we reach colder days and nights!