With half the world going into lockdown, there has been a boom of home workout videos and online training options. There’s at least a week left of isolation in New Zealand, and longer than that, until your training facility is back open. Here are some basic tips to help you process all the noise and focus on what is best for you!

  • Decide why you’re training: If you’re moving to keep the endorphins flowing, 20mins of ANYTHING is going to do the trick. Do something that is convenient and that you enjoy! If you had a goal of increasing your strength or cardio fitness, then there’s a good chance you can at least maintain this over lockdown, but your training plan needs to focus on it. If you’ve changed to daily yoga or a gentle stroll around the park, these will be great for your mental wellbeing but potentially not for your training progress.
  • Set yourself a challenge: Have you always wanted to get a press-up on your toes? Or to be able to run 3km without stopping? Setting yourself a small and achievable goal is a great way to stay motivated! And, as you probably guessed it, make sure the training you’re doing is specific to that goal.
  • Work on things that you were “too busy” to do before: If you’ve been training for some time or you’ve ever played a sport there’s a good chance you’ve had a program from a physio. A collection of exercises and stretches that you’re supposed to do to keep your body in check. Still, you just never have the time for them usually. If you’re not in this position, have a think about what your weaknesses are. Is it your core? Is it a lack of stability with single-leg exercises? Do you have tight shoulders or hamstrings? Use the extra time to work on some of this small stuff.
  • Get creative: The internet is packed with ways you can utilise household items in your workouts. With a large bag of concrete, sand or potting mix you can just about do anything! Other household features that are great for your training are steps or decks, beams for hanging ropes from and long driveways for getting some sprints in.
  • Change up your tempo, reps and rest time:  If you don’t have access to equipment at home, you can challenge your body in other ways. Moving slower or adding in pauses will increase your time under tension and make the movement a lot harder. You can increase the intensity by adding more reps and reducing how much you’re resting in between.

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The most important factor here is figuring out what’s going to work best for you. Perhaps, that’s hanging out on the couch and getting back to moving when you’re able to resume a normal routine.

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Happy training!