Get the help you need to succeed!

8 week program to teach you to change your mindset!

Our Warrior Women membership is a special program that we offer two-three times a year and includes gym access, special goal setting sessions, specific programs and a support group. Women have the option of adding personal training or our group training to this membership option as well.

During the goal setting session we encourage women to develop goals that cover all aspects of our physical and mental well-being with the major focus being on happiness, confidence and the amazing things our bodies are capable of.

Throughout the 8 weeks the women are supported via the trainers and the other women in the support group and at the end of the program we encourage everyone to take on something big to challenge themselves. In the past this has been the Mule (pictured below) a obstacle challenge held annually in Queenstown. 

After the challenge our women graduate to continue their training within the gym and take on other amazing and fulfilling challenges!

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Being a bit older and female can mess with your head but all is put at ease when you train with other supportive females and we are all completely different body types and nobody cares what you look like so refreshing!

As women we are constantly wanting the numbers on the scales to go down, it’s nice (for a change) to concentrate on numbers going up (as in how much you can lift).


Also powerlifting makes you feel like a bad ass

For me the best part of warrior woman was hands down going to the mule in Queenstown this year. I had never been on a girl’s trip and always said it was not my thing however I was amazed that perhaps it was my thing. The trip down there and the dinner out were great. Doing a physically and emotionally challenging event with a group really kept me going when I wanted to quit especially when my hands felt like icebergs. I feel I have an unbreakable bond with the women I went with even though we are not overly close the experience forever created bonds that could not have formed otherwise.

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