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From one person to an entire community

Unbreakable Training founder, Ciara Corrigan, began working in the fitness industry in 2013, after experiencing the positive effect that training can have on mental well-being herself.

It was always her goal to help people be happier and more confident; this started with a women’s boot camp and personal training from a commercial chain gym. After 18 months of training people, she came to realise that not all parts of the fitness industry deliver positive outcomes for their customers and here her mission to provide performance and holistic focused training options, for the general public, began.

Ciara moved to a sports performance gym, enlisted the help of a powerlifting coach and launched Unbreakable Training as a training brand in February 2016. Unbreakable Training operated from a couple of different gyms for two years before the decision was made late 2017 to create a training space of their own and the Unbreakable Training Centre opened April 2018.

Having a space of its own has meant that they’ve been able to custom build the facilities, culture and services to best suit their members and every year they’re aiming to do better. Their mission is to able to compete with mainstream options but provide a service that genuinely helps and educates its customers.

Since it’s beginning Unbreakable Training has grown from 2 team members and 20 gym members to 5 team members and over 150 gym members!



  • Memberships that come with an in depth consultation, induction process and programs so that you have what you need to get started
  • Team members that are genuinely invested in seeing you succeed


  • Learn the purposes of different equipment, how to perform exercises properly and how to fuel your body
  • On-going opportunities to learn more so that you have the power to decide what’s best for you


  • Meet other members through our online groups, social events and in-house competitions
  • Gain the support of the entire Unbreakable family by join the community and have more fun while you train!


  • Develop a genuine passion and excitement for training
  • Take on new challenges, learn how capable and brilliant you are when you put your mind to something with the right guidance

Our Mission

Unbreakable Training is on a mission to change attitudes toward exercise

We don’t believe that training should be a chore, done for a singular purpose or just a matter of thrashing your body

We work with our members to install a true passion in what they do, teach them how best to move and fuel their bodies and about how amazing the process can be for our confidence and self esteem – we also encourage our members to become a part of a community which not only motivates them but makes the whole journey a lot more fun

We want to encourage people to seek more from their training, to be educated, to be supported, to create relationships and to make legitimate and sustainable lifestyle changes that improve both their physical and mental well-being

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